How Fast Do Your Favorite Brands Respond To You On Twitter? [Study]

If someone tweets at your company Twitter account – how long should it be until you respond to their question or mention? That question, I believe, is one of the most important ones to answer when it comes to interacting with your users and customers.

Recently, we made a big change here at Buffer to improve exactly this. We started to track the response time for each and every Tweet that we are responding to every day. The results were both fascinating and motivating to improve that number and give lightening fast answers to any questions our customers might have.

As a quick snapshot of today, out of all 24 Tweets mentioning Buffer:

  • 17 Tweets were responded to within 20 minutes (70.8%)
  • 2 Tweets were responded to within 20-60 minutes (8.3%)
  • 2 Tweets were responded to within 1-3 hours (8.3%)
  • 3 Tweets were responded to within 6+ hours (12.5%)

Now of course, when it comes to fast customer support on Twitter, what’s really interesting is how fast the top dogs in the game are working. If you send a tweet to Pepsi, how long does it take them? How about Starbucks? A recent research project aimed to find out about exactly that. “Normal” Twitter users sent a total of 280 Tweets to their favorite brands, measuring their response rates and level of interaction.

What was interesting, was that even today, a huge number of these brands still have very little or no social customer service in place. To break it down, or friends from Unbounce collected all the data in a nice table:

 Pepsi wins the race far ahead of their competitor Coke. Without further ado, here are the full details of the study and how the brands reacted to their customers Tweets:


Infographic by Software Advice. Hat tip to Oli from Unbounce for posting this.

Did you expect the same results from those brands? And most importantly, what is an acceptable response time for your Tweet? I’d love to get your thoughts on this, especially as we are also always working to improve the happiness of our awesome Buffer users


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