Why your XeeScore totally sucks

Yes, you are terribly busy in the social web. You tweet like an angel, you post like a god, share the hell out of it and just do everything you can to be a good social citizen. Even your Klout score is finally up. Yet your XeeScore sucks – sounds familiar?

Cut……. a different story. We sent out alerts recently and actually reviewed all the “Out of office” messages. We also looked at other feedback from that email. Maybe 2% actually had their XeeMe URL in the email signature. The rest shines by “reduced design”. OK you don’t want to overwhelm people with 10 different URLs, a hand full of cell phone numbers and other information. But hey, your XeeMe URL is just one single and typically very short URL that points to all the rest of you.

I review approximately 100 to 300 support requests that come in via email each day. I find in particular those interesting who complain about their XeeScore but don’t even mention their XeeMe URL at all. It’s kind of “Hey you figure it out“. Those are in particular hard to answer. Your XeeScore sucks but you don’t share your XeeMe? Hmmmmm

We regularly check those who have a very low XeeScore but are active otherwise. It’s 100% (that is one hundred percent)  the same pattern over and over and over again:

You don’t make any effort to make it easy for others to contact you

You are selfishly pounding out your posts and don’t even care for a response.

You share all your stuff all day long but just don’t even wonder why people aren’t getting back to you.

You tweet like there is no tomorrow but don’t have your XeeMe on your Twitter profile, let alone mentioning it in a tweet.

Consider XeeScore a one way street alert

If your XeeScore sucks – you are on a one way street with your engagement. Meaning you blast out but don’t give the potential reader a chance to get to know you.

I learned you should never take anything personal – in particular not this post ;)

Your XeeMe Support Team


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